Premiere importance in route of N.Onassis S.A., from establish until nowadays, possesses the quality and safety of its products.

The traditional recipes of Mediterranean cuisine are combined with strictly selected raw materials from guarantied suppliers, making our products to be the genuine ambassadors of the quality of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine all over the world. Through continuous product research and development, new tastes are offered to the customers, satisfying up to date requests.

Our new, modern plant was designed from its construction following the concepts of Good Manufacturing Practices, in the way to enable the secure receiving, storage and treatment of raw materials and the producing techniques under the highest hygienic standards.

Nevertheless, the continuous investments in modern machinery and technology offer the ability to fulfill the needs of consumers and legislation.
Moving at the same direction, the personnel constitute a fund for the company.

For this purpose, selection of personnel is performed through done using high standards and major stress is given in guidance and continuous training.

On the scope of food safety of the products our company has developed and applies HACCP plan (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points).
In parallel, in the way of standard and continuous quality the company has developed and applies a quality control system according to ISO 9001:2000.

The demands for continuous development in the matters of food safety and quality have guided us in the accreditation according to the British standard BRC: Issue 4 (British Retail Consortium) providing the company with advantages in the food market comparatively with other competitors.

Efforts for improvement of our products, of the food safety and quality stays continuous from the Quality Control Department and all the working personnel of N. Onassis S.A.